Why limit yourself?

Build roads, craft beer or make exploding zombies.
Play an MMORPG city builder you've always wanted.

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Build with friends

Building is fun! But not when you're limited to a saw, a house and a pickaxe. And especially not when anyone can just come and destroy what you've made!

Don't limit yourself

Until you play Armaldia you won't understand how limited you were before. Here's a hint though - unlimited space, unlimited buildings, unlimited items you can create from scratch.

Live news feed from the game

Puffoblu has just sent 10000 material donations to Round Table Knights faction's Embassy!
XUnKn0wNG4m3RX has just sent 6466 material donations to KingsRoyals faction's Embassy!
Wolf has finished building a Mine LVL 2
Lord Worfrin has just sent 10000 material donations to Nova Terra faction's Embassy!
Wolf has finished building a Mine LVL 2
Trader has just put 4 units of Running shoes on sale! Buy some now!!
Wolf has finished building a Mine LVL 2
Lord Worfrin has finished building a Mine LVL 2
Lord Worfrin has finished building a Sawmill LVL 7

Armaldia is unique

We want you to feel that you can make a difference and affect the game.
So we have crafted you three main tools to do it.

Build together or explore the city alone - the choice is yours. Anyone can win in over 10 leader boards to be the first in!

Politics may suck, but have you been the one to make decisions? Join a faction, become the mayor, set the taxes... profit?

Build without fear - other players can't steal your resources or destroy your buildings.

A word to You from our fans

  • A perfect way to spend your Sunday if you like deep game mechanics & strategies
    Aurimas Skruodis, E-Sports Lab CEO
  • Armaldia is a really different game where the economy AND items are all made by the players. What else would you want?
    Vitor Costa, Game Developer
  • If you really want to unleash your creativity (for the better or worse), Armaldia is your best pick!
    Wieslaw Zapolski, Game Designer
  • Very cool idea - create your own content
    and play in the unique city.
    Laimonas Guiga,
    Armaldia Ambassador in Spain
  • Constant challenge and unique playground city - every time I login I find something new.
    Evelina Dzimanaviciute,
    NLP and business coach
  • One life is not enough! Armaldia is here to give you everything you need to build your fourth one!
    Fürstentum Liechtenstein,
    Game Developer

Featured items crafted by our players

  • Vegetable smoothie
    Created by Pomidoras
    +5% mining energy reduction
  • Mahogany chair
    Created by Verlinde
    +15 health limit
  • Chainsaw
    Created by Wat?
    +10% lumbering XP gain
  • Hickory clock
    Created by Sunny
    +1.4 energy limit
  • Large coffee
    Created by Jaydia
    +5% farming energy reduction
  • Obsidian sword
    Created by Zeus
    +16% attack power

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